Unable to Enter Credentials to Access Network Folder

Have you ever encountered this scenario when trying to access a network folder (Etc. \\\Software\)? You try to access the network folder but you can’t remember the credentials when prompted to login. Note: You actually checked “Remember my credentials” to login without realizing it! You close the login dialog and get the poor server administrator to help you […]

Generate System Documentation using SYDI

I came across an excellent open-source tool that is able to generate detailed information about a system. You can document everything like BIOS information, OS Product Key, installed programs and even installed Windows update patches. As always, best way to know if it’s true is to try it. Download SYDI (Script Your Documentation Instantly). Extract the zip file. Launch […]

Setup Database Mirroring in SQL Server Management Studio

Setting up database mirroring greatly increases the availability of your database and allows you to have a complete redundancy of the data. You can choose to bring the warm standby online anytime or automatically switch to the warm standby when your main database goes down (Automatic failover). There are different operating modes that we can use when setting up database […]