Unable to Enter Credentials to Access Network Folder

Have you ever encountered this scenario when trying to access a network folder (Etc. \\\Software\)?

  1. You try to access the network folder but you can’t remember the credentials when prompted to login.
    Note: You actually checked “Remember my credentials” to login without realizing it!
  2. You close the login dialog and get the poor server administrator to help you reset your credentials.
  3. When you try to access the network folder again, the login dialog just won’t popup!
  4. You can’t enter your new credentials and just receive an error code of 0x80004005 instead.
  5. You feel helpless and somehow feel that retrying another 10 times will do the trick but it doesn’t.

Well, I have. After some googling, I found that you can do the following:

  1. Launch Credentials Manager and remove the old credentials that you keyed in the first time.
  2. Launch Services and restart the Workstation service.
  3. Try to access the network folder again, it should prompt for the credentials this time round.
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